Bold K-Cups

Bold K-cups are for everyone who likes a really strong cup of coffee that is full of flavor. The trick when searching for bold coffee is to get that taste you want without the bitterness that tends to develop with a stronger brew. Rather than experiment with your own brewing skills, it's easier just to buy a K-cup that has been blended for bold to start with. The coffee in bold K-cups gets its rich taste because its been roasted longer, created darker beans that release their flavor more completely when brewed. One small benefit from drinking bolder coffee is that darkly roasted beans actually have a bit less caffeine in them than lightly roasted ones.

Many K-cup lines have blends that range at the bold end of the coffee spectrum, especially Timothy's and the Coffee People. If you enjoy a strong cup of coffee, these are the pods you should be shopping for. Timothy's : Rainforest ,French Roast,  San Lorenzo,  Midnight Magic,  Parisian Night,  Nicaraguan Fair Trade. Coffee People : Kona Blend, Black Tiger, Jet Fuel, Wake Up Call  & Tree Hugger. Diedrich: French Roast,  Sumatra  Donut Shop Wolfgang Puck French Roast  Vienna Coffee House  Sumatra Kopi Raya  Sorrento. You can also get bold varieties with Emeril's (Big Easy Bold) and Gloria Jean's has a Black Gold K-cup that can be classed as a bold blend.

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