What Is a K-Cup?

What is a K-Cup? That’s a great question, especially if you’re a coffee lover who’s looking for the perfect cup of coffee. As you may know, coffee is a delicate brew. Too much coffee or too little water, or water that isn’t at the ideal temperature, can create a less than ideal cup of coffee.The K-Cup concept was developed in 1998 by Keurig. It is a premeasured pod that gives you a perfect cup of coffee in less than a minute. Perfect every time and absolutely delicious. But don’t think that K-Cups are just for coffee. You can get all sorts of K-Cup beverages these days, allowing you to switch from one to another with ease. So you can enjoy a cup of dark Columbian, another person can  have a cup of tea, and someone else in your home or office can enjoy a hot chocolate, all without cleaning the machine.

K-Cups aren’t just manufactured by Keurig these days either. Virtually every major coffee company has K-Cup products, so you can enjoy your favorites. The secret to the success of K-Cup coffee and hot beverages is the perfect brewing temperature of the Keurig machine. A lot of consumer level coffeemakers can’t get the water to the optimal 200-degree level, where the true full flavor of the coffee is released. Of course, speed is another nice feature of K-Cup beverages. The entire brewing process takes between 20 and 60 seconds, depending if it’s coffee, tea, hot chocolate or any other hot drink. And if you feel like some hot soup, leave the K-Cup out and use the Keurig to dispense piping hot water that’s ideal for your soup or other hot beverage.

So how do this all work? When the lid is closed the machine pierces the foil seal on the top of the K-Cup with a small spray nozzle. It also pierces the bottom of the K-Cup. Inside the plastic cup is your coffee, already inside a miniature filter. The hot water is forced through the K-Cup at 192 degrees, though some models allow you to adjust that temperature. When you’re through brewing, you simply open the top and toss the self-contained K-Cup away. If you want to use your own coffees, you can by the My-K Cup, which is a reusable filter that slots right into the receptacle on the machine. As you can imagine, the K-Cup is a great way to make a cup of no fuss, no mess coffee or other hot beverage quickly and consistently. You never have to worry about spilling the grounds or cleaning out a messy filter again. And whenever you get a craving for a hot cup of coffee, there’s no need to make a full pot. Instead, you can enjoy a single cup, every time, any time of day.

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